Hi Glad you are at teach2teach.org.

My name is Leo and the 30+ years of experience have lead me to develop personalised teaching in the classroom. This approach is rapidly gaining interest in Belgium as well as in other countries. It is - in my opinion - the only way forward at this moment, not only in adult education (which is my field of teaching), but also in elementary and secondary schools.

The traditional lecturing is on its way out. This has to do with the world as it is today and the position of every man, woman and child in society: we are made to become less dependant on people who know it all and must be trained and train ourselves to become more self-reliant.

Personalised teaching is also the way to maximise the potential of every learner. Gone are the days that “weak students” were gladly seen to drop out of school and do a menial (or no) job. So-called “weak” or “slow” learners have potential too and neglecting that is shameful, just like throwing away food and resources. Hence, personalized teaching is the only way to reap the maximum potential of a whole population. In a world that is becoming ever more complicated and demanding, we cannot afford waste.

If you are a teacher, a head-master or a government official, interested in making the change, do feel free to contact me.


Leo De Clercq

L2 teacher/coach

Encora Antwerp Belgium